ALM Manufacturing spool and line BD021


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Cat Number:0130037 BD021


Part number: ALM BD021

ALM Manufacturing spool and line

Suitable for the following Einhell models


Suitable for the following Black and Decker models

D9, D609, D610, D623, D625,
GL20, GL110, GL120,
GL200, GL200C, GL220, GL220S, GL220SC, GL225, GL225S, GL225SC,
GL300, GL320, GL320C, GL325,
GL400, GL2000,
GLC400, GLC401,
RA23, RT250S, RT225G, RT225S,
ST20, ST20C, ST20RC, ST22, ST22C, ST23, ST200 (Type 1)

Compares to A6044, 576576-01

Supplied with:
1.3mm trimmer line
1 x 6m

Manufactured in the UK


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