Absodry Duo Family Refill Bag 2-pack


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    Experience continuous freshness with the Absodry Duo Family Bag/Hanger refill. Designed specifically for the Absodry Duo Family Hanger and Absodry Duo Family Moisture Absorber, these refill bags effortlessly fit into your home or workplace. Embodying Scandinavian elegance and minimalism, they add a modern and decorative touch to any room.

    Silent and efficient, the Absodry Duo Family Bag/Hanger refill works tirelessly to eliminate excess moisture from the air. When the indicator shows that the bag is full, simply empty the water and enjoy uninterrupted moisture absorption. Made in Sweden, this refill exemplifies exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

    Each pack contains two 600g refill bags filled with moisture-absorbing crystals. Depending on the humidity levels in your space, one bag can last between 1 to 3 months, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness. Suitable for spaces up to 50 m3, these refill bags actively absorb excess moisture, converting it into water that collects in the container. By maintaining balanced humidity levels, they create a healthier and more comfortable environment.

    Elevate your indoor air quality and enhance the ambiance of your surroundings with the Absodry Duo Family Bag/Hanger refill. Say goodbye to excessive moisture and enjoy a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Choose the reliability of Swedish craftsmanship and bring continuous freshness into your living or working space.


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