Wildflower Woodland Mixture Seeds


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-Hardy Perennial (HP) -Hardy Annual (HA) -Partial Shade -Suitable for Attracting Butterflies -Suitable for Attracting Bees

Perfect mixture to make the most of awkward shady places. Flowering year after year, helping to attract wildlife. This seed mix contains 100% native British Produced Wild Flower seeds, including a selection of the varieties listed below:

Avens, Wood (Herb-Bennet) – Geum urbanum
Bedstraw, hedge – Galium mollugo
Bellflower, nettle-leaved – Campanula trachelium
Betony – Stachys officinalis
Bluebell – Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Campion, red – Silene dioica
Foxglove – Digitalis purpurea
Gipsywort – Lycopus europaeus
Hemp-Nettle, common – Galeopsis tatrehit
Mallow, common – Malve sylvestris
Meadowsweet – Filipendula ulmaria
Mustard, Garlic – Allaria petiolata
Ramsons – Allium ursinum
Sage, wood – Teucrinum hirsutum
Selfheal – Prunella vulgaris
St Johns Wort, Common – Hypericum performatum
St Johns Wort, hairy – Hypericum hirsutum
Teasel – Dipsacum fullonum sssp. Sylvestris
Vetch, Tufted – Vicia cracca
Woundwort, hedge – Stachys sylvatica

*Please note, we cannot guarantee all varieties will be included in each individual packet.

Height: 120cm(48in)
Plant Class: Hardy Annual (HA), Hardy Perennial (HP).
Habit: Bushy, Tall.
CAUTION: Harmful if eaten

Wildflower Woodland Mixture
1g seed to cover up to 1sqm

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