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It is a fertiliser as well as a natural deterrent for cats supplied in pellet format. The silent roar pellets are soaked in real essence of lion dung and are then dried and sterilised.
How does it work?
The product works on the territorial nature of a cat where a smaller cat will not leave it’s scent where a larger cat has been. Cats mark their territory by leaving their scent, so Silent Roar marks the territory with the scent of a lion (you don’t get a much bigger cat than a lion!)
How long does silent roar last and how is it applied?
During normal weather conditions, one application can last up to three months. After heavy rain it’s a good idea to sprinkle a few more pellets. Typically you would spread the pellets about 3-4 inches apart. In one box there is 0.5kg of Silent Roar.
Why is it not labelled as a cat deterrent?
The natural make-up of the product has prevented the manufacturer getting Silent Roar the necessary new EU chemicals certification because the make up of every batch of lion poo is different depending on what the lions have eaten. Deterrents are regulated by EU law so the product is now sold as an organic fertiliser – but the product is exactly the same as it has always been and nothing has changed except that it has added nitrogen to make it a feriliser. It will still deter cats!


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