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Home Hardware, the UK’s largest voluntary organization for independent hardware and DIY stores, is on a mission to empower retailers by providing quality products, efficient store programs, and competitive prices. Unlike conventional distributors focused on profit maximization, Home Hardware prioritizes the needs of retail customers, fostering a ‘people helping people’ ethos. With over 400 dealer-owned members, including hardware retailers, housewares shops, and garden centers, we enable them to compete effectively against major retail chains. Our significant purchasing power, regular price checks, and global product sourcing ensure outstanding value. Home Hardware stores are renowned for exceptional service, often family-owned and managed, offering expert product knowledge and free advice. Plus, ask about our convenient delivery service, making us your top shopping destination for price, choice, quality, and service.

Frenchic Furniture Paint®, born from the passion and determination of founder Pam, emerged in 2014 when she eagerly received her first five pallets of chalk and mineral paint, aptly named Frenchic, at her Camberley, Surrey dining table. What started as a quest for a superior chalk paint, one that checked all the boxes from eco-friendliness to versatility, has transformed into a global phenomenon. Seven years on, Frenchic boasts over 800 stockists on four continents, continuous expansion, and numerous awards, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. With a thriving community, an evolving team, and boundless possibilities, Frenchic remains the chalk paint brand in demand, promising exciting future chapters in its remarkable journey.

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Dulux, the UK’s leading paint brand, is all about inspiring you and your home with the magic of color. With over 1,200 Dulux colors to choose from and a rich history dating back to 1919, they’ve been pioneers in the world of paint. From the iconic Old English Sheepdog mascot to innovative color mixing and modern tools like the Visualizer app, Dulux continues to lead the way in making your home beautiful. So, let’s get inspired and paint your world with Dulux!

Royal Canin is dedicated to understanding and catering to the distinct requirements of cats and dogs. Our unwavering commitment to detail empowers us to provide precise and effective nutrition, enabling these beloved pets to thrive at their absolute best. Whether it’s an enthusiastic Labrador puppy, a playful Siberian kitten, or an aging Dachshund or Maine Coon with specific needs like renal, dental, or gastrointestinal care, we have them covered. Our collaborations with esteemed scientific, veterinary, and behavioral experts, along with our constant engagement with pet owners across the globe, drive our mission to optimize pet well-being.

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Natures Menu, with a pet-loving ethos spanning over 40 years in Norfolk, is committed to providing the highest quality, natural, and unprocessed pet nutrition. Their mission revolves around delivering real, wholesome meals that your pets deserve, prepared and packaged to the utmost standards. They source only the finest ingredients, including responsibly farmed meats and quality fruits and vegetables, mirroring the ingredients you’d use at home. Ensuring pristine food delivery is a top priority, employing both DPD experts and their fleet of temperature-controlled vans. With a team of passionate experts, including an in-house veterinary team, Natures Menu leads the way in advocating for the benefits of a natural diet, from product development to educating fellow professionals.

James Wellbeloved is dedicated to providing pets with nature-inspired, wholesome, and delicious recipes to ensure they live their best lives. Their simple, high-quality ingredients and naturally hypoallergenic formulations deliver balanced nutrition that promotes vitality while minimizing food reactions. With a focus on quality and health, James Wellbeloved’s food never contains dairy, beef, pork, soya, eggs, wheat, or artificial additives. Each ingredient, like turkey, lamb, rice, and seaweed, is chosen for its health benefits. You can expect improved immune systems, energy levels, digestion, and weight management for your pets. James Wellbeloved is all about healthier, happier pets and offers peace of mind to pet owners without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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We’re on a mission to spearhead a clean world revolution, aiming to redefine the very essence of cleanliness – not only in our own lives but also within our homes, communities, and the world at large. This obsession with purity and sustainability has fueled our journey for nearly four decades and continues to drive us forward with unwavering determination. We’re reshaping the concept of cleanliness for the 21st century, encompassing not just our products but also clean homes and clean values. Our commitment to leading by example is as crystal clear as a freshwater stream, all while maintaining humility. We aspire to inspire others to embrace cleaner practices and make their world a little bit purer, today and always.

HG is more than just a company; it’s a legacy of excellence that has spanned decades. With a rich history dating back to its inception, HG has consistently stood as a paragon of innovation and quality in the field of home care products. For over 50 years, we’ve been dedicated to crafting solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. Our commitment to research, development, and sustainability has led to a diverse range of products that tackle the toughest household challenges while prioritizing environmental responsibility. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of modern living, HG remains unwavering in its mission: to empower individuals to maintain and enhance the beauty, cleanliness, and comfort of their homes, making everyday life just a little bit easier.

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Hozelock, a key part of the Hozelock Group, was founded in 1959 in Haddenham. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to creating top-quality gardening products that seamlessly integrate into comprehensive systems. Our first groundbreaking invention was the world’s initial plastic hose connector, known as the Hoze-Lock. Today, we’re a global garden equipment manufacturer, with over 75% of our products proudly made in Britain, and the remaining 25% manufactured in overseas facilities. Hozelock is now available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, experiencing rapid growth. With 60 years of horticultural expertise, we are committed to crafting enduring, reliable solutions for garden care, spanning watering, spraying, plant protection, and pond solutions. Our passion for gardening and craftsmanship drives us to help gardens flourish and come to life.

At Joseph Joseph, we thrive on innovative problem-solving through intelligent design, whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, or utility room. Founded by twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph, we embarked on our design journey in 2003 with a glass chopping board, firmly anchoring functionality as our guiding principle. Our mission is to craft coveted products that enhance daily life, staying true to our commitment to “Brilliantly Useful Design.” Every creation begins with identifying everyday challenges and goes beyond the obvious for inspiration, resulting in beautifully efficient, long-lasting solutions. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact, embracing the principles of a circular economy, and using top-quality materials to create products built to last. Our London-based design team tirelessly prototypes and tests each product, ensuring it excels in both performance and perfection.

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For over a century, Kilner has been a trusted name synonymous with quality and reliability. Our journey began in 1842 when John Kilner created the iconic Kilner Jar, revolutionizing the way people preserved and stored food. Today, we continue to honor our heritage by crafting an extensive range of glassware, from our classic preserving jars to modern kitchenware, all designed to help you savor the flavors of homemade goodness. We’re committed to sustainability and supporting a healthy lifestyle, making Kilner the brand of choice for those who cherish homemade creations. Join us in preserving the past while embracing the future, as we share our passion for timeless craftsmanship and modern design. Explore the Kilner experience and elevate your culinary journey today.

At Brabantia, we understand that household chores may not be everyone’s favorite pastime. Yet, since these tasks occupy a significant part of our lives, we believe in making them enjoyable whenever possible. With over a century of dedication, we’ve been on a mission to transform the ordinary into extraordinary by offering exquisitely designed products for waste management, laundry care, kitchen essentials, and bathroom solutions. Brabantia products stand for sustainability, intelligence, and impeccable craftsmanship. Our manufacturing processes are evolving toward 100% circular design, ensuring a growing number of our products are recycled and recyclable, contributing to a more sustainable way of life. Our beautiful, sustainable designs elevate daily chores into cherished rituals. Discover Brabantia’s range at your local household stores, online, and right here on our Brabantia webshop. Join us in turning mundane tasks into moments of joy and functionality.

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Founded in 1772 by Henry Nock in London, Wilkinson Sword initially focused on crafting swords and guns to meet the demand of their time, notably during the American Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars. However, the company’s journey evolved as it diversified into manufacturing a diverse range of items, from bayonets and typewriters to garden shears, scissors, and even motorcycles. Despite changing hands and consolidations, Wilkinson Sword maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, employing top-tier materials, engineering, and forward-thinking development, particularly in the Garden Tools sector. Notably, in 1962, the company revolutionized the razor blade industry by introducing the first stainless steel razor blade, a testament to their continued innovation and leadership in the sector. Today, Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools, owned by Energizer Holdings, stands as a household name known for its heritage, cutting excellence, and progressive approach, offering a comprehensive product range from loppers and pruners to grass shears and tree care tools.

WOLF-Garten is your go-to gardening brand, offering a complete solution for lawn care, soil cultivation, tree and shrub maintenance, and general garden upkeep. Our premium quality garden tool range includes the ergonomic and lightweight multi-change® system, ensuring ease and comfort during use. Whether you’re pruning branches or tending to various garden tasks, WOLF-Garten provides the ideal tool for every job. With a versatile multi-change® system that pairs handles and heads flawlessly, along with a heritage of quality craftsmanship from Germany dating back to 1922, WOLF-Garten remains at the forefront of innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of gardening.

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Discover the excellence of Stanley Fatmax tools—an unparalleled choice for both professional tradespeople and dedicated home improvers. Crafted with innovation at the forefront, FatMax tools are meticulously designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re tackling projects on a worksite or refining your space at home, the Stanley Fatmax range provides a comprehensive solution for all your needs. Elevate your toolkit with our premium STANLEY® FATMAX® collection, featuring top-tier tools and equipment that offer a distinct advantage to serious professionals. From the belt to the hand and onto the jobsite, opt for STANLEY FATMAX to ensure you’re equipped with the epitome of our finest offerings.

What More UK, a leading North England manufacturer, specializes in crafting reusable plastic storage boxes and housewares, emphasizing sustainability by using recycled single-use plastic without compromising quality. Our diverse range extends to top-quality, UK-made non-stick and enamel bakeware, offering a variety of shapes with high-performance coatings. Serving all UK national and 1700 independent retailers, we also export to 74 countries globally, maintaining round-the-clock production throughout the year. Under the What More UK Brands umbrella, our lineup includes Wham®, the foremost leader in plastic housewares, Baker & Salt®, providing superior British-made bakeware for home cooks, and PushPan®, ensuring 100% leak-proof baking. With a focus on quality and durability, our extensive product categories cater to organizing spaces in homes, offices, garages, schools, and workplaces.

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Drawing on over a century of expertise, Thermos® is dedicated to enhancing your ‘on the go’ food and drink experience while staying true to its heritage of friendship, reliability, and trust. From the inception of the vacuum flask in 1892 by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar to the official birth of Thermos in 1904, the brand’s commitment to quality and design remains uncompromising. As pioneers in consumer products using vacuum insulation technology, Thermos proudly delivers innovative, high-performance solutions, focusing on keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. With a rich history marked by the creation of the world’s first everyday use vacuum flask, Thermos maintains a philosophy of simplicity and excellence, ensuring that their products consistently meet and exceed expectations. Beyond innovation, Thermos is dedicated to sustainability, actively supporting the elimination of single-use plastics, minimizing packaging and waste, and reducing their carbon footprint. Social responsibility is at the core of Thermos UK, as evidenced by their support for impactful charities, including Simon on the Streets and Unicef. In every aspect, Thermos embodies enduring quality, sustainability, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Stay hot. Stay cool.

At Westland, we’re dedicated to fulfilling people’s garden dreams by providing tools for success to gardeners today and tomorrow. As market leaders in gardening, bird and pet care, and environmental products, we prioritize innovation and brands for local and international growth. With a commitment to being frictionless, engaging, and supportive, Westland aspires to bring a variety of birds to your garden, offer expert advice, and supply essentials for successful gardening experiences. From protecting roses from pests to nurturing lawns with the right tools, Westland ensures that every gardener’s needs are covered, from propagation to weeding.

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At Walter Harrison’s, we boast a legacy of over a century in crafting the highest quality feeds at our Nottinghamshire mill. Since 1906, based in Radcliffe-on-Trent, our factory has embraced technological advances, employing state-of-the-art machinery to source, clean, blend, and pack our Wild Bird food to perfection. As proud UK manufacturers, we actively support British Farmers by responsibly sourcing many of our grains and seeds from farms across the UK. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our unique triple cleaning process for carefully selected ingredients, coupled with stringent quality control, ensuring maximum nutritional value in every pack. We take pride in offering what we believe are the cleanest and purest seed mixes available, a testament to our dedication to providing premium Wild Bird food.

Founded in 1820 by John Taylor in Sheffield, the heart of British cutlery, Taylor’s Eye Witness has an enduring legacy in crafting premium pocketknives and edge tools. The iconic “Eye Witness” trademark, featuring an all-seeing eye, was granted in 1838 and remains integral to the brand’s identity. Passing through generations, the firm evolved into Needham, Veall & Tyzack, becoming pioneers in mechanized cutlery manufacture. Embracing Martensitic Stainless Steel in 1912, the company adapted to new materials and demands. Post-World War II, strategic mergers and acquisitions ensured survival. Acquired by Harrison Fisher & Co. in 1975, the company transformed into Taylor’s Eye Witness Ltd, focusing on product development. Today, as one of Sheffield’s remaining knife makers, Taylor’s Eye Witness proudly upholds the legacy of ‘Little Mesters.’ In 2018, the company moved to modern premises, marking a new chapter with expanded capacity and efficiency. With over 180 years of experience, Taylor’s Eye Witness continues to excel in kitchenware development, offering a range of products and representing renowned brands in the UK and Ireland.

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Established in 1780 by English Entrepreneur William Addis, Addis boasts a rich 240-year history of innovation and evolution. From the creation of the world’s first toothbrush in prison to supplying troops during World War I, Addis has been at the forefront of household advancements. Over the years, it embraced automation, exported products globally, and became a pioneer in using automated manufacturing systems. The company weathered the challenges of World War II, introducing the first nylon toothbrush and venturing into kitchen plastics. In 1964, Addis Housewares emerged as an autonomous sister company, and in 1996, a management buyout transitioned the company into its next phase, with the sale of the Wisdom brand. Recognized for dynamic growth, Addis earned a spot in the London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire’ list in 2016. Today, as an international, independently owned company, Addis continues its legacy of providing top-notch houseware solutions in laundry, sink side, storage, food storage, and cleaning.

Showerdrape is your go-to destination for transforming your bathroom into a serene haven tailored to your convenience. Whether you prefer contemporary or luxurious styles, Showerdrape offers a diverse range of products that elevate any bathroom space. From wall-mounted mirrors to vanity shelves, bath mats, towel rails, and shower caddies, we provide everything essential to ensure your bathroom perfectly suits your needs. Our dedicated team constantly seeks the latest trend-setting, design-led products, exemplified by our innovative PushLoc Suction System. Collaborating closely with our suppliers, Showerdrape ensures that your bathroom is adorned with the most stylish and sought-after accessories in the market.

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Founded in 1924 by Sidney Rustin, Rustins began as a wood finishing products shop in London’s Shoreditch district. Backed by his father’s cabinetmaking skills and his mother’s £50 investment, Sidney expanded the business. The upheavals of World War II prompted a move to the current Cricklewood, London location after the original 1932 factory was destroyed. Under Ronnie Rustin’s leadership until his passing in 2008, Rustins evolved into a premier brand specializing in wood finishing products, speciality paints, and decorating sundries, catering to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals across the UK. Boasting exports to over 30 countries, Rustins introduced iconic products like the Strypit paint remover in 1947 and pioneered Danish Oil. A fire in 2004 led to the destruction of the warehouse, but Rustins’ resilience prevailed, and a new state-of-the-art facility emerged. Today, Rustins remains committed to research and development, focusing on environmentally conscious products, durable finishes, and a diverse range to meet international customers’ evolving needs. Guided by a dedicated management team and employees upholding Ronnie Rustin’s legacy, Rustins stands as a beacon of quality and innovation.

Inaugurated in L.A., California in 1976, ROUGHNECK® has become synonymous with quality, durability, innovation, and value in the realm of tough tools for a tough world. As the UK brand leader in wrecking and demolition bars, featuring the renowned ‘Gorilla Bars,’ ROUGHNECK® is the trusted choice of construction trade professionals seeking the original and best-quality bars. The ROUGHNECK GORILLA line represents our toughest and most innovative tools, designed to empower trade professionals to work smarter, faster, and safer. With a commitment to product innovation, our experienced development team meticulously navigates from prototype to production, collaborating closely with trade professionals to enhance performance through material, technology, and design advancements. Our extensive range spans Striking and Demolition tools, Building tools, Landscaping and Contractor tools, to Woodworking and Cutting tools, catering to diverse needs with tried, tested, and trusted toughness. Quality assurance is paramount, aligning with relevant British and European standards, and underpinning our commitment to fair, ethical, and sustainable practices as proud SEDEX members. We actively pursue eco-friendly packaging solutions, aiming to eliminate single-use plastic and lead the industry in adopting green practices that contribute positively to the environment.

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Embarking on DIY tasks can be a hassle—tools disappear, trips to the shops multiply, and it becomes a pain in the back, knees, and neck. Fear not, for Ronseal’s team is here to simplify the process, providing you with the information you need to complete the job efficiently and painlessly. Our products not only promise performance but also ensure a lasting solution, reducing the frequency of repeat tasks. With Ronseal, you can trust that our products deliver as advertised. We prioritize clarity in instructions and product descriptions, empowering you to choose the right tools for the job. Our extensive product range covers Garden Woodcare, safeguarding decking, fences, sheds, and garden furniture, as well as Home Woodcare, addressing wood inside the home, from tables and floors to doors and kitchen tiles. We actively seek and value your feedback, incorporating it into our Research & Development efforts to leverage the latest technology and create products that simplify your DIY projects. Ronseal: Does exactly what it says on the tin®.

In 1955, Robert Welch embarked on a remarkable journey from the Royal College of Art to a humble room in the 18th-century Silk Mill at Chipping Campden in the English Cotswold Hills. With a drawing board and a camp bed, he laid the foundation for a design legacy that would earn him an MBE and the title of Royal Designer for Industry. Welch’s commitment to creating highly functional, affordable, and timelessly elegant products was evident from the start, marked by his pioneering introduction of stainless steel cutlery to the UK. As his reputation for excellence in design and manufacture grew, so did his business, expanding across the top floor of the Mill and establishing a studio shop. Joined by his daughter Alice and son Rupert in the early 1990s, the Welch family continued the design legacy. Today, Alice and Rupert Welch lead Robert Welch Designs, collaborating with an in-house team to produce an award-winning collection of products. The company remains rooted in the same building where it all began 60 years ago, upholding Robert Welch’s passion for creating beautiful, functional, and timeless products, ensuring his memory endures in every new creation—truly, ‘Designed the Robert Welch way.’

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With a small team of pixies, Rosie works to craft whimsical paper delights and fun products, sending them out into the world. Despite lacking any artistic qualifications, Rosie transitioned from a PE teacher to the creator of Rosie Made A Thing after her first child’s birth in 2008. In 2015, Rosie officially formed the venture, debuting at Spring Fair with 30 cards and a drill, setting up a stand in the back corner of the NEC next to the loos. The journey expanded from greetings cards to include designs on stationery and gift products, even culminating in the authorship of a book. With a customer service team ready to assist, Rosie Made A Thing now supplies stores across the UK, exports to various countries globally, and offers direct purchases through its website. Rosie, balancing work around her children’s schedules, emphasizes sustainability by printing cards in the UK on eco-friendly board. Fueled by inspiration from the ridiculous and a touch of cheeky humor, Rosie’s creations hope to bring smiles to faces worldwide.

Established in 1997, Rachel Ellen Designs is an independent greetings card, stationery, and gift business rooted in Nottingham. Founded by Rachel, a former professional ballet dancer, the company originated at her kitchen table in a London apartment, where she hand-painted cards. The growing interest prompted a move back to Nottingham, and with unwavering family support, relentless hard work, continual innovation, and a fearless spirit, the company not only evolved but thrived. Today, after 26 years, this multi-award-winning business continues to carve its unique path. Rachel’s distinctive hand-painted style, coupled with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality, positions the company as a leading publisher in the UK and a market leader in children’s cards and gifts. All greetings cards are proudly 100% British-made, designed in-house, printed, and finished within a two-and-a-half-mile radius of the premises, boasting a nearly negligible carbon footprint. The entire production process, from die-cutting to hand-finishing, cello wrapping, checking, picking, packing, and dispatching, is meticulously handled by the skilled in-house team. Rachel Ellen Designs takes immense pride in the product quality, maintaining rigorous quality control and packing standards to ensure every item arrives in perfect condition.

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Pyrex® glass boasts unparalleled qualities as a tempered borosilicate glass with exceptional thermal and mechanical shock resistance, accommodating temperatures from -40°C to 300°C and demonstrating a remarkable thermal shock resistance up to 220°C. Its versatility shines through as all Pyrex® glass products seamlessly transition between oven and freezer, challenging culinary norms by facilitating prepping, serving, cooking, storing, and reheating. Crafted from a composition of pure sand, soda, Alumina, and boron, the Pyrex® glass undergoes a meticulous melting process at 1500°C, transforming into a transparent lava observed through a specialized screen used exclusively by glass blowers. Through this intricate process, the material is refined to eliminate CO2 bubbles, ensuring a fireproof glass of superior quality.

Founded in 1960 by Susan Williams-Ellis and her husband Euan Cooper-Willis, Portmeirion Pottery has a rich history rooted in the acquisition of A. E. Gray Ltd and Kirkhams Ltd in Stoke-on-Trent. Susan, daughter of Portmeirion Village’s creator, took over A. E. Gray, where she had been commissioning designs for the village’s gift shop. In 1961, they acquired Kirkhams, merging the two to establish Portmeirion Potteries Ltd. Susan’s early designs like Malachite, Moss Agate, and Talisman set the stage for iconic creations like Totem in 1963. The renowned Botanic Garden range, launched in 1972, features floral illustrations adapted from Thomas Green’s work, becoming one of the most successful ceramics series in botanical themes. In 2009, Portmeirion acquired Royal Worcester and Spode, prompting a name change to Portmeirion Group. The company strategically shifted Spode’s production back to Stoke-on-Trent. The Victoria and Albert Museum’s 2019 exhibition celebrated Portmeirion’s enduring artistic legacy.

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Developed at the unique Evergreen Research Station, Miracle-Gro products are the result of dedicated horticultural scientists working across 19 acres of cutting-edge facilities. Evergreen is the only research center of its kind in the UK, focusing on creating and testing innovative, eco-friendly feeds and growing media. Backed by scientific expertise, Miracle-Gro products have been proven to make plants grow more than twice as big compared to unfed plants, a testament to Evergreen’s commitment to excellence in gardening solutions.

At Sadolin, we prioritize getting the job right the first time when it comes to painting doors, window frames, and exterior woodwork. Renowned in both professional and DIY paint markets, Sadolin products uphold the highest standards of wood protection, benefitting from cutting-edge coatings technology while carrying a rich heritage of over 200 years. Originating in the harsh Scandinavian climate in 1777, when Jacob Holmblad established a textile dye works in Copenhagen, the enterprise evolved over generations into a successful paint and varnish business. In 1912, the merger of Holmblad & Co with Sadolin’s Farver, founded by the experimental businessman Gunnar Asgeir Sadolin, marked a pivotal moment where heritage and innovation converged. A century later, these driving forces continue to define the Sadolin brand, reflecting a steadfast commitment to excellence.

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With a legacy spanning centuries, Mason Cash has been the trusted choice for home cooks and bakers. Originating in 1800 at Church Gresley, a hub of the English ceramic industry, the pottery, led by a series of Master Potters, including the colorful ‘Bossy’ Mason, earned its iconic ‘Mason’ name. In 1901, Tom Cash took charge, renaming it Mason Cash & Co. While crafting mixing bowls since the 1800s, the pivotal year of 1901 saw the birth of the first iconic Mason Cash mixing bowl, a design enduring the test of time and becoming a kitchenware classic. With minimal alterations, the brand remains celebrated for its innovative, timeless kitchenware. From kitchen essentials to oven-to-tableware, tabletop items, pet bowls, and cake decorating equipment, Mason Cash’s products are affectionately designed in England, enjoying popularity not just in the UK but worldwide.

For a brighter, cleaner experience, Marigold has been at the forefront since crafting the first rubber gloves in 1947, consistently delivering the performance and protection needed for the toughest tasks. Marigold has elevated mundane chores, infusing them with a sense of purpose, pride, and deep satisfaction—an essence we proudly call the Marigold cleaning glow. In 1950, the brand revolutionized hand protection with the launch of the first Marigold latex rubber gloves, designed exclusively for washing up. This groundbreaking product marked a shift in how we safeguard our hands during cleaning. Holding its position as the No.1 Glove Brand in the UK to this day, Marigold’s journey began in 1947 when these gloves were considered a luxury item, originally available only in the color orange. Now a household staple, Marigold continues to be the UK’s preferred glove*, ensuring premium hand protection. With a glove for every occasion, whether cooking, cleaning, DIY-ing, or tackling dirty jobs, Marigold ensures your hands are in good hands.

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green & wild

Green & Wild’s is no ordinary pet brand; we’re all about natural, trustworthy products crafted with good, wholesome ingredients. Our reputation hinges on these values, and we pride ourselves on avoiding fillers, bulkers, or cheap ingredients merely for aesthetic appeal. We stick to the good stuff, ensuring our treats are genuinely top-notch. Now, as the Green and Wild’s story evolves, our diverse team offers a range of natural, healthy, and delectable items for dogs and cats. From Yakity Yaks and Yak Milk Chews to Olive Wood Chews, Buffalo Puppy Chews, Sweet Potato Treats, and an array of eco toys led by Terry the Turnip and his many friends, we’re continually expanding our offerings. The journey began with John in the early 2000s, inspired by the concept of “Antler dog chews.” Mishearing it as “Antler dog shoes,” John envisioned dogs prancing around in deer antler footwear. Once the confusion cleared, he loved the idea and embarked on bringing these natural chews to the UK. Years later, countless dogs have savored our chews, and dog owners have saved countless pairs of shoes – apologies to the shoe industry!

Offering an array of innovative, high-quality printed gift wrap, gift tags, gift bags, roll wrap, ribbons, bows, tissue papers, and stationery, our product range caters to all seasons and occasions. Our esteemed clientele includes some of the world’s premier department stores, card shops, gift shops, and garden centers both in the UK and globally. Headquartered in Bradford, West Yorkshire, with a National Sales Team covering the country, we take pride in being an approved Cardgains supplier. Additionally, our proven Display Management service is a bespoke offering designed to enhance your gift wrap sales efficiently, saving you both time and effort. For more information on how this fantastic service can work for you, reach out to your local sales contact or call our sales office.

faithful tools

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, we proudly stand as one of the premier hand tools brands in the UK and Ireland. Our journey, which commenced in 1989 with a modest selection of contractors’ products, has evolved remarkably. Despite our growth, our fundamental principles endure—delivering quality products crafted to tradesman standards at competitive prices. Central to our brand ethos is a commitment to product innovation, ensuring that we provide top-notch quality at affordable rates. Over time, our catalog has expanded to encompass over 3,500 products across 17 diverse categories, catering to both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Upholding our dedication to excellence, we offer either a 5-year guarantee or a 10-year guarantee (for our Prestige range), instilling confidence in the quality of our products. With a devoted team of trade professionals, we continually enhance our product range, prioritizing an exceptional user experience with every Faithfull product. Our unwavering focus on customer service underscores our commitment to supporting you at every step, ensuring your confidence in choosing Faithfull.

EVO-STIK, the UK’s foremost adhesive manufacturer catering to both trade and DIY markets. Our extensively tested products, favored by millions of users nationwide and beyond, exemplify the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and performance standards. Proudly crafted in our own cutting-edge UK factories, the majority of our comprehensive range reflects our commitment to excellence, adhering to the ISO9001 quality standard for continuous improvement. Environmental responsibility is ingrained in our operations, evident through our longstanding certification to ISO14001. As a trademark of Bostik, a global leader in adhesives, sealants, and building chemicals, EVO-STIK stands as a beacon of reliability, offering unmatched adhesive solutions that consistently meet the highest industry benchmarks.

duct tape

Welcome to the world of duct tape, where versatility and strength unite to solve an array of challenges. A household essential and a go-to tool for DIY enthusiasts, duct tape is not merely adhesive; it’s a reliable companion in the face of repairs, crafting, and creative projects. With its durable design and adhesive prowess, duct tape has earned its stripes in countless applications, from mending broken items to crafting unique solutions. Embracing a multitude of colors and patterns, duct tape is not just a tool; it’s an expression of creativity and practicality. Whatever the task at hand, duct tape stands ready to stick with you through thick and thin.

Founded in 1946, Doff Portland stands as a stalwart manufacturer of insecticides, pesticides, weed killers, and garden products, operating from a purpose-built facility in Nottingham, U.K. Committed to serving both traditional and modern gardeners, we offer a diverse and competitively priced product portfolio crafted to meet the dynamic needs of consumers. With in-house technical, marketing, and supply chain teams, we ensure the production of high-quality products that align with evolving legislative landscapes. Our customer base spans garden centers, wholesalers, supermarkets, variety stores, and discounters, with ISO accreditation reinforcing the assurance of product quality. Looking forward, we leverage our know-how to innovate within existing categories, supporting our key customers’ growth while prioritizing sustainability by reducing waste, minimizing packaging, lowering energy consumption, and enhancing recycling efforts.

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In 1957, two brothers embarked on a global journey, discovering exceptional home improvement products and importing them into the UK. Starting with a humble one-room office equipped with a high desk, a typewriter, and a couple of dogs, the company’s early operations involved hands-on efforts from wives and children, who packed and assisted on weekends. The inaugural delivery to a shop in Ilkley, Yorkshire, marked the beginning of a lasting customer relationship. Fast forward to today, and one of the children who pitched in back then remains a vital part of the company. Over the years, Dexam has adhered to unwavering principles of innovation, reliability, friendliness, and exceptional customer service. Recent additions to these values include a commitment to sustainability, exemplified by compostable packaging chips, and a dedication to supporting British manufacturers, notably with the Forest and Forge knife range. While technology has transformed product offerings and sales methods, the heart of the company remains its dedicated staff, many of whom weren’t born when Dexam began. Presently, Dexam sources outstanding products from over 25 countries, collaborating with designers, inventors, and craftsmen worldwide to enhance cooking experiences with items that are better, easier, or more enjoyable.

With a legacy dating back decades, DeWalt has solidified its position as a trusted name in the realm of power tools and equipment. Renowned for durability, performance, and cutting-edge design, DeWalt tools are the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Each product is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence, providing reliable solutions that empower users to tackle any task with confidence. Whether you’re on a construction site or working on a home project, DeWalt tools are your steadfast companion, delivering power, precision, and reliability at every turn.

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In our perspective, your garden is not just an outdoor space; it’s an integral extension of your home, a breath of fresh air with the potential to enhance your overall well-being. Beyond being a mere garden, it serves as a versatile haven for play, relaxation, dining, entertainment, work, exercise, and the creation of lasting memories. Whether it’s a gathering place for friends and family or your personal sanctuary, your garden is a retreat that holds the capacity to boost your sense of well-being, alleviate stress, and fuel your productivity, creativity, and energy. We don’t just assert this belief; this year, we collaborated with environmental psychologist Lily Bernheimer and Creative Director Marianne Shillingford on a comprehensive study to delve into the benefits of spending more time outdoors, highlighting the invaluable nature of a garden. The meticulously crafted Outdoor Edit for 2017 by our expert team, in partnership with Cuprinol, aims to inspire homemakers nationwide, showcasing the transformative power inherent in your garden. Rain or shine, a little Tender Loving Cuprinol (TLC) is all it takes to unlock the full potential of your outdoor space.

Discover a revolutionary solution for your decorating needs with Command™ Hooks & Strips. Say goodbye to the hassle of nails, screws, tacks, or messy adhesives, as our innovative products hold strongly and remove cleanly, eliminating the fear of wall damage. No tools or drills are required for installation; Command™ Strips work seamlessly on a variety of surfaces, including solid, hollow, and painted walls, tiles, glass, and wood. The strength of Command™ lies in its clever adhesive, providing a secure hold for as long as you need, and a clean removal process. Be sure to wait one hour for the adhesive to bond and check the hooks’ weight limit on the pack. Removal is a breeze – simply stretch off without leaving any holes, marks, or mess. Command™ Strips incorporate trusted 3M technologies, including stretch release technology for damage-free removal and Dual-Lock™ for Picture Hanging Strips, ensuring high-performance products that make decorating a stress-free experience. Welcome to a world where decorating is easy, damage-free, and powered by 3M technology.

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With a legacy spanning over 40 years as the pioneers of the world’s first headcollar for dogs, Halti remains at the forefront of innovation in crafting no-pull headcollars, harnesses, and leads that seamlessly integrate intelligent design, comfort, and safety to rekindle the joy in your dog walks. The Halti Headcollar, conceived by Dr. Roger Mugford, stands as a humane training tool specifically designed to address the challenge of lead pulling. By guiding the head, the Halti effectively steers the body, providing maximum control for even the strongest pullers. Engineered from robust yet lightweight nylon webbing, the Halti ensures comfort with a padded neoprene nose band, allowing unimpeded panting, eating, or drinking. Reflective accents enhance visibility in low light, while a safety link adds an extra layer of reassurance by attaching to your dog’s collar. With over four decades of expertise, Halti and Dr. Roger Mugford continue to solve lead pulling problems, offering a comprehensive solution that is further enhanced when paired with the double-clip Halti Training Lead for the ultimate no-pull training experience. Explore the world of Halti and transform your dog walks into enjoyable and controlled adventures.

Hammerite, the pioneer and sole specialist in metalcare, offers unrivaled solutions for the decoration, protection, and restoration of all metal. With a legacy dating back to 1962, Hammerite has evolved into the European brand leader in metalcare, maintaining a steadfast focus on metal for over 25 years. Our dedication to providing the easiest-to-use, longest lasting protection for metal remains unwavering. Whether it’s iron, steel, or galvanised/zinc metals, Hammerite understands the timeless appeal of metal and the importance of constant protection against water, sunlight, frost, rust, and physical damage. Trusted globally in over 55 countries, Hammerite’s rich history and commitment to world-class research and innovation make it the top choice for every metalcare job, ensuring your metal stays looking good for generations.

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As the leading houseplant care brand in the UK for over 70 years, Baby Bio has been nourishing Britain’s houseplants with expertise. Our extensive product range is meticulously formulated with essential nutrients, ensuring healthier, brighter, and more beautiful houseplants. Recognizing that all houseplants require nourishment for strong roots, healthy leaves, and vibrant blooms, Baby Bio Houseplant Food steps in to provide the necessary nutrients that gradually deplete from the soil. While the nutrients are naturally present in soil and compost, regular use of Baby Bio’s specialized plant food replenishes these elements, allowing your plants to thrive continuously. With a legacy of over 60 years as Britain’s favorite houseplant food brand, Baby Bio’s unique formulation is tailored to promote lush, green leaves and vibrant colors, making it an ideal choice for nurturing your houseplants.

Established in 1972, ALM Manufacturing stands as a family-owned enterprise specializing in the production of consumable parts catering to nearly every Grass Trimmer, Lawnmower, and Chainsaw make and model. Nestled on the outskirts of the historic town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, our purpose-built 20,000 sq ft facility serves as the hub for our head office, in-house packaging, and distribution operations. With world-class plastic injection manufacturing facilities and production skills, we prioritize manufacturing within the UK whenever feasible. Impressively, approximately 76%* of our supplied products are entirely manufactured and packaged in-house in the UK. Armed with patents, design and copyrights, and manufacturing licenses, we uphold rigorous internal and external testing and quality control procedures to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality products. At ALM Manufacturing, our commitment to excellence spans generations, and our dedication is evident in every aspect of our operations.

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Natures Deli Dog Food is a selection of complete meals made from only 100% natural ingredients. Each recipe is packed full of nutritional benefits and boasts a minimum of 60% meat or fish content, 71% for Grain Free.

Made in the UK and designed for being hypoallergenic, 100% natural as well as being wheat, grain & dairy free

With over 30 years of unwavering commitment, The Big Cheese stands as a beacon of innovation and a catalyst for positive change in the realm of pest control. Our dedication extends to people and their families, recognizing the challenges of dealing with pest problems and approaching them with empathy. In addressing pests, we prioritize ethical and humane solutions, offering products designed to resolve issues without compromising our principles. Environmental stewardship is paramount to us, and we actively strive to reduce plastic usage in our packaging, contributing to our broader commitment to caring for the planet. Our core values are encapsulated in a multifaceted commitment: to provide an effective and user-friendly range of home-use rodent and vertebrate control products, minimize the suffering of sentient beings, offer non-lethal alternatives to traditional methods, promote humane control methods under The Big Cheese brand, and reduce packaging waste through sustainable alternatives. Rest assured, The Big Cheese products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to legal requirements and the high standards expected of a trusted consumer brand.

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Renowned for innovation and quality craftsmanship, Black + Decker has been a trusted companion for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and professionals alike for over a century. From the iconic orange and black design to groundbreaking advancements in power tool technology, Black + Decker continues to be a symbol of reliability and efficiency. Whether it’s power tools, outdoor equipment, or home improvement solutions, Black + Decker’s commitment to empowering individuals to transform their living spaces has made it a household name synonymous with innovation and dependability. With a legacy built on a foundation of excellence, Black + Decker remains at the forefront of shaping the way we work and live.

Polycell has a range of products for filling different surfaces and preparing walls to help you create the perfect foundation for painting. From ceilings, masonry and plastic through to tiles and wood, you’ll find the right product for the job in hand.