Sellotape Zero Plastic 24mm x 30m


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Zero plastic – made from cellulose film and naturally based glue
Made from plant based, renewable ingredients
Cellulose film derived from wood pulp and sourced from PEFC certified sustainable forests
Packaging and core made from recycled cardboard
Sellotape is proven to be 50% stickier and 20% stronger than competitors
Anti-tangle and easy to tear tape
Fits all large core tape dispensers
Tape colour: Clear
Size: 24mm x 30m
Sellotape Zero Plastic performs just as well as Original Golden Sellotape but is 100% plant based and plastic free! Supplied on a compostable and biodegradable roll, this sustainable sticky tape is made from cellulose film and naturally based glue and contains 0% plastic. The tape is anti-tangle and easy to tear so there is no need to use scissors, or your teeth. The box and core can be put into the recycling bin and the tape itself can be disposed of in industrial composting bins. The packaging, tape and inner core then disintegrate into natural elements. Ideal for improving your office sustainability, these rolls fit all large core tape dispensers.


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