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This Brand new Tala Stainless Steel Tea Strainer with Drip Bowl 
One Arm is perfect Tea Strainer complete with drip tray in stainless steel. 
Extremely useful for any loose leaf tea and the addition of a drip bowl means less mess for you.
This handy little item is light enough to pack when going away so you don't need to be without your favorite tea on holiday.
used 3 to 4 times each so save your leaves in the strainer until next needed and your leaves are there ready to infuse again and again
with little fuss or effort.
This handy little item is light enough to pack when going away and gives you back some of the flexibility of teabags when using loose leaf tea.
Fine mesh stainless steel gauze.
Resting hook and flat handle for secure.
The tea strainer is 2" wide and 5.5" long (Approx)
1 x Tala Tea Strainer.
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Tala Tea Strainer With Drip Cup







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