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Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

Don’t you just love Chef’N around?

Why wouldn’t you? With so many fun gizmos and gadgets in the Chef’N range, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Taking pride in tasteful ingenuity, Chef’N tend to look at the tools in your kitchen and say “that’s nice – but we can make it better!”

In the kitchen we often find the smaller the tool, the bigger the punch. Prep sprouts in a snap with the compact Twist’n Sprout - simply press Brussels sprouts onto the tip of the tool and twist to remove core for a more evenly cooked vegetable.

Twist'n Sprout Tool features: 

  • Designed in the USA.
  • Twist to trim and core.
  • Creates brussels sprouts that cook more evenly.
  • Helps loosen leaves for broiling or roasting.
  • Pierce stem with tip of the tool, push on and twist.
  • Hand-wash recommended.

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