Roberts Bluetune5 Dab Radio Black


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Crystal clear DAB/DAB+/FM radio meets Bluetooth connectivity in this portable digital radio. Both battery and mains operated, take the Blutune 5 indoors and out in the garden, so you don’t miss a beat.

  • DAB/DAB+/FM radio

  • Seamless streaming with Bluetooth connectivity

  • Alarm and snooze button


Discover the best of digital radio

Enjoy all the entertainment and seemingly endless range of stations that DAB/DAB+/FM radio has to offer. Plus save your regular stations with 5 handy preset buttons.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Stream from your smartphone

With a simple Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy all your favourite music and podcasts streaming directly to your Blutune 5.


Portable Radio

Take your music with you

Battery and mains powered, the Blutune 5 lets you take the tunes with you. Plus the slide-up carry handle makes it perfectly portable.