Green&Wilds Fish Deli Twists 75g


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These tasty Ocean Twists are caught in our British waters, and then naturally dried to keep all that fishy goodness in. They are great for removing tartar from teeth and help provide a beautiful shiny coat due to being packed with Omega 3. Made from 100% fish skin they are as healthy as they are natural and great as a reward. If your dog has done well don’t be shellfish!

All treats are responsibly sourced off the sunny shores of Great Britain.


Good Reasons to give your dog our Fish Twists
Low Fat!
Super high in Omega 3
Great for teeth – helps remove Tartar
Hypoallergenic & Gluten free
Easy on their digestion
Improves Skin & Coat condition
Eye & Brain development
Increased Intelligence & Training ability
Suitable for dogs from 3 Months

100% Whitefish Skins (75g)

Nutritional Analysis: Protein: 84.4%, Fat: 0.3%, Fibre: 9.25%, Ash: 17%, Moisture : 8%

The perfect complimentary treat for your dog.  No more than 5 treats per day.

Always make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water.


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