Green&Wilds Buffalo Mini Bites 75g


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Buffalo mini bites are 100% natural, from the wilds, buffalo meat treats. Buffalo meat is leaner, lower in cholesterol and higher in protein than traditional beef. It also has a higher concentration of iron and essential fatty acids.

Why its soo good!
100% natural
No added sweeteners
No added colours or preservatives
Grain free
Naturally Hypoallergenic
Gluten Free
High in Protein
Low in cholesterol
“My little jack Russell, Ollie, loves these little treats, and helps me with the training”. Anne and Ollie

98% buffalo meat air-dried

1.5% apple raw fiber

0.5% sea salt allergen free

Protein 52,6%

Fat 29,4%

Water 5,9%

Ash 6,8%

Crude fiber 2,9%


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