Antos Antler Chew Small 50-75g


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Antlers make fantastic dog chews because they are totally natural, long lasting, provide good minerals and are odourless to humans. Dogs can be quite choosy about what they like to chew on but we haven’t come across a dog that doesn’t like Antler Dog Chews. From puppies to older dogs, all are fascinated by them and love to explore the different taste and texture; gnawing, playing, chewing, licking, carrying and grinding them. And they don’t go off, which means that dogs can leave them and come back to it, day after day, for weeks or months. Why antler treats are so good for your dog 100% natural Packed full of tasty minerals and nutrients, Antler Dog Chews contain a fantastic amount of minerals: Ash, Protein, Fibre, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium and Potassium. Made of a hard bony material, harder than normal bone, that’s much less likely to splinter or shatter, and that means they last and last, longer than raw hide and compacted vegetable starch chews. They’re good for your dog’s teeth, as it doesn’t fill gaps in teeth and the chewing /gnawing, grinds down the chew slowly, helping to keep teeth clean and healthy. They’re also really good for dogs with sensitive tummies and those on a fat controlled diet. Antler is a fantastic ingredient because it contains all these beneficial minerals: Collagen: Good for bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage, Lipids: Essential for growth and development, Glucosamine: Good for joints and tissues, Calcium and phosphorous: Benefits bones and teeth, Iron: Essential for healthy blood cells, Potassium: Good for nerve and muscle function and Magnesium: Aids in storing and releasing energy. Chewing is very good for dogs in many ways. It helps keep their teeth clean, expends energy and keeps them occupied and out of trouble, i.e. chewing the legs off your favourite chair!


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