Bird Brand 5 Litre Shed & Fence One Coat Protection- Ebony Black


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The superb Bird Brand Shed & Fence ‘One Coat Protection’ is a great coating for sheds, fences and other garden timbers. Also this treatment:

Can be spray, roller or brush applied!
Safe around pets and plants.
Water repellent after 1 hour. Touch dry in 40 minutes.
It’s oxide pigments mean it can cover previous treatment (final colour may appear darker and need 2+ coats).
Won’t crack or peel and can be applied over creosote and other treatments (more than 1 generous coat may be required).
Can be applied on smooth timbers (if used lightly and with several coats)
It’s one coat coverage means that one 5 Litre bucket can treat 7 fence panels of 6’ x 6’ size (assuming the timber is in a grey/average condition).


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