Typhoon World Foods Blue Pestle & Mortar


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The Typhoon World Foods Pestle and Mortar is an essential in the kitchen and helps to prepare pastes, sauces, rubs, dressings and seasonings quickly and easily.

The unglazed ceramic finish on the inside of the mortar and pestle is designed for grinding food whilst the glazed ceramic finish on the outside is easy to clean and prevents finger marks.

The pestle and mortar is produced from high quality ceramic stoneware and finished with a durable blue-coloured glaze, the pestle and mortar resists chipping and cracking withstanding the rigours of everyday use.

The mortar is a generous size, perfect for everyday use or helping to create delicious meals when entertaining.

The Typhoon World Foods collection includes cook and serveware for those who love to cook or serve dishes from around the globe.