Khun Rikon Bread Knife


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Cat Number:23505


The Colori® Bread & Baguette knife will slice all loaves with ease – small or large, firm or soft, wholemeal or white.

The ultra-sharp, serrated blade will slice even the most stubborn of crusts. The cutting surface is also gentle on the soft bread and prevents wastage due to unwanted tearing.

The blade has a silicone non-stick coating so that the knife glides easily and precisely through your food without anything sticking to the blade.

The ergonomic, easy-grip handle with finger guard keeps your hands safe when cutting.

There’s a matching sheath which is great for storage in your drawer and means the knife can be easily and safely transported outside of the home for camping, picnics, and travel.

Blade length: 27cm
Knife length: 40.4cm
Cuts even the most stubborn crusts with ease
Gentle on the inside – prevents tearing
Ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel serrated blade
Non-stick coating to glide through food with ease
Non-slip grip with finger guard
Safety sheath for storage and for safe use outside of the home