Built Retro 6 Litre Lunch Bag with Storage Compartment


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Help reduce waste on a daily basis with a reusable lunch bag that is inspired by rich clay hues, vivid teal and geometric prints to make a statement in your day-to-day life. Making life easier on the go whilst continuing to keep it stylish and oh so retro.

Designed for flexibility and convenience, this all day lunch bag features a spacious interior compartment with an extra compartment that is perfect for storing lunch boxes that are up to 1.5 Litres in capacity. A versatile bag suitable for all day use that also features a removable strap for convenience.

A mesh pocket on the side is also suitable for storing bottles, travel mugs and even phones. This lunch bag will be a stylish yet practical solution to daily life. This lunch bag is functional yet extremely stylish as it has matching items within the range to ensure you look the part whilst either at work, school or on the go.

Features & Benefits
 Food safe
 Easy clean
 Keeps food fresh
 Wipe clean only
 Shower proof exterior
 11.5cm x 17cm x 24cm
 12 month guarantee