Tower Heritage Picnic Tote Bag Green & Tan


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Cat Number:7473622


This Picnic Tote Bag is ideal for transporting your lunch, snacks and drinks wherever you go. It features classic heritage detailing and subtle colouring, providing you with a stylish way to carry your picnic and is suitable for use as a day-to-day work or school bag. Its large 11 litre capacity is able to fit enough storage containers, tableware and drink bottles for 2 people, with an internal insulated compartment to keep your contents cool and fresh for hours in storage. The supporting zips allow you to keep the bag wide open for easily retrieving items on the move or outdoors. Both lightweight and durable, this tote bag is fitted with carry handles and a detachable over-body strap for comfort and convenience. An external front pocket offers extra storage space, perfect for taking some of the smaller essentials with you on your travels.


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