Copco Non Skid Two Tier Lazy Susan 30cm


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Ever find yourself running out of space in your cupboard or on your worktop, or wishing there was an easier way to reach the jars and packets at the back of your cupboard? This clever twin shelf storage solution has the answer, and is turning the tables on kitchen storage as we know it. The round, white shelving unit is designed to sit on your worktop or inside your cupboard, so you can tackle different storage issues with one handy tool. As it has two tiers, there’s plenty of space to store all of your favourite condiments, spices and tins: almost twice as much space in fact! Need something that’s right at the back? Simply turn the shelf until the item is in easy reach – simple! Need to store breakable items, like jars? Thanks to the grippy base and the raised rims, you don’t need to worry about things sliding about as you turn the wheel, either. It couldn’t be simpler.


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