Tower Spin Mop Angle Head Black/Rose Gold


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This Tower spin mop features an internal dual spinning mechanism within the bucket, which cleans the mop head in the water using its roller, then pops up and spins dry. The angled head flips up to a 90 angle, allowing you to clean both your skirting boards and the floor at the same time. Featuring a telescopic handle, simply push it down and the mop will be more compact, saving you valuable storage space. The microfibre pads are machine washable, giving you long lasting use without the need to constantly replace them for more efficiency. The microfibre pad is perfect for a range of surfaces, including laminate and wooden floors, removing the excess dirt and grime with ease. An additional pad is also included, letting you carry on cleaning while the other one is being washed, so you aren’t behind on your housework.


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