Nooski Mouse Trap


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The Nooski Trap System is an innovative leap in design, introducing the significant features and benefits over existing trap and poisons. No more dead mice in your ceiling, no more jammed fingers, no more decomposing mice in your old snap traps and no more poisoning the environment.

The Nooski Trap System utilises an expandable rubber latex ring which is rolled and expanded on to the trigger housing. When the rodent enters the tunnel and pushes past the trigger, it releases the firing bolt which in turn fires the ring onto the rodents neck / chest area. The rodent always springs backward, dying away from the trap. Death is almost instant and guaranteed every time.

+ Guaranteed lethal, no misfires.
+ Kills quickly and humanely
+ Quick, easy and safe to use
+ No more jammed fingers
+ No mess, rodent dies away from trap
+ Bait lasts longer with tunnel design
+ Tunnel design reduces trap shyness