Frenchic Furniture Paint

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We at Staines & Brights are proud to announce we are an official stockist of  Frenchic® Furniture Paint!

What makes Frenchic so special? That the paint is virtually VOC-free and safe for children's furniture and toys!

VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds found in many paints. These compounds can evaporate at room temperature and easily get into the air and environment. Depending on the compound and level of exposure, this can range from being mostly harmless to being toxic. A number of VOCs are either carcinogenic or reasonably suspected to be carcinogenic by the National Toxicology Program.

Frenchic contains virtually no VOCs! And according to EN71:3 of the European Committee for Standardization, Frenchic is certified as being safe for you to use on your children's furniture and toys! All of the WONDERFUL COLOUR, with none of the risk!


Frenchic Trim Paint

Frenchic Lazy Paint Range!

Frenchic Original Furniture Paint

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Frenchic Furniture Paint