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2.0 litre Mixing Bowl made from 18/10 stainless steel, durable and practical, ideal for general kitchen use. It is lightweight, but sturdy and resistant to wear. Nice smooth sides with a polished finish exterior, brushed finish interior and an all-round pouring lip. The top measures 22.5cm diameter and the bowl is 10cm high, an ideal size for measuring out cooking ingredients for cooking, for melting chocolate, whipping cream, making salad dressings and cooking sauces such as hollandaise. This mixing bowl is suitable for use in the freezer so you can use it for making ice cream and chilling soups and sauces. Oven safe to 220C, 425F so you can use it to make Barbie dress cakes. These fabulous, top quality mixing bowls are available in a range of sizes from 0.5 litres to 10 litres. They stack together well taking up minimal storage space. Dishwasher safe so easy to wash.

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