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Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

Before long, ones living space can quickly become buried beneath hair bobbles, clips, mascara tubes and other essential items. Girls in this position (whatever their age) need a place to store such treasures – and preferably one that looks the part, too. The Bright Side is a company which specialises in items of this sort. It first came into being in Bristol, in a little print room where its founder, Rachel Bright, began to first put together her unique and massively successful style. Since then, things have moved upward at a stupendous rate. The distinctive Bright Side font has become ubiquitous in home and giftware stores the length of the country. They’re loved for their wry, unpretentious approach to design – the sort of design that this tin full of treasures neatly encapsulates! If you know a girl who’s in need of somewhere to store all of her sparkly things, then you should certainly consider this brilliant little box of treasures.

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