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Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

Preschool children are fascinated by the real life big farm machines in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite animated character, Tractor Ted.

Tractor Ted has discovered some more big machines - Pea Harvesters. These enormous machines work all day and night to bring in the crop when its at its most sweet and tasty! They need to be washed and checked by the mechanic every day. A great insight for children into how much hard work goes into bringing peas to their plates. Les, the famous tractor driving friend on the Tractor Ted farm has to help out when Fudge the Dog gets stuck in a stable. The action continues when we see how the fields are prepared with a giant plough and seeds are planted with a big seed drill. Just the combination of storytelling, adventure and discovery that every Tractor Ted film brings to the preschool audience.

Children are encouraged by Ted to listen, count, read and sing along helping them to pick up lots of great knowledge. Accompanying 32 page photographic book also available.

THE ONE WITH Pea Harvesters/Plough/Seed Drill/Fudge get Stuck in Stable

KIDS LOVE Counting the machines

GROWN UPS LOVE Seeing how we get our Peas

Have you got the original Big Machines DVD?
(All Tractor Ted DVD's are set to PAL region 0)

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