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Preschool children love to see the real farm action of Winter in this 40 min film introduced by their favourite farm character, Tractor Ted.

The tasks of winter on the farm are captured in the wonderful real life footage of this fun and informative children's DVD. The animals need to be kept well fed and dry in the barn. The machines are given their winter service and Tractor Ted goes with the farmer to buy a new tractor. There are lots of different ones to choose from. There is a great soundtrack for children to sing along to as Tractor Ted takes a look at them all. Then its off to the livestock market to buy some more sheep. This is a fascinating scene of fast auctioneering and farmers deciding quickly which sheep they will bid for. Tractor Ted joins in on screen to interact with the young viewers. He asks them questions about what they are watching, to count, sing and laugh at the things that go wrong. A film packed with all the fun and discovery typical of Tractor Ted DVDs. A great way for youngsters to understand the cycles of life and the seasons. One of four Tractor Ted Seasons DVDs. Accompanying 32 page photographic book also available.

THE ONE WITH Buying a Tractor/Livestock Market

SONGS Buying a Tractor/Come to the Market/Muck Spreading/Feeding the Cows

KIDS LOVE The Tractor Shopping/Noisey Auctioneer


(All Tractor Ted DVD's are set to PAL region 0)

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