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Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

Baking is a science and an art. That's why measuring out your ingredients before baking is so important. It can be the difference between a soft, crumbling shortcrust that melts in the mouth, and a hard and stodgy pastry. Or a cracked cake with an uneven texture, and a super-smooth sponge.
Now, with a little help from Paul Hollywood, it's easier than ever to accurately measure out your cooking and baking ingredients. He's partnered with KitchenCraft to create this measuring cup set, so home bakers can follow recipes to the letter and enjoy better bakes.
It features easy-scoop stainless steel cups with some of the most popular baking measures today – ¼ cup (60 ml), ⅓ (80 ml) and 1 cup (250 ml). They’re particularly useful for all types of American and European recipes. And they look really beautiful as kitchen decoration too.

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