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Free shipping when you spend over £75 on qualifying orders

BacoFoil EasyCook Foil Bags x 5

Storage and Usage Statements
Cannot be Microwaved

Other Information
21cm x 30cm approx

Preparation and Usage
Usage Instructions:
1 Place the food into the bag, fold the end over twice by approximately 10mm and press down to seal.
2 Place into the oven on a baking tray or onto the barbecue ensuring that the window is facing upwards (never place the bag with the window facing downwards).
If using a barbecue with a lid, leave the lid off while cooking. The bag will expand during cooking and then self vent through the window.
3 The window may be peeled back at any time to stir or add ingredients and to allow easy access for serving.
4 Large pieces of meat should be turned regularly to ensure even, thorough cooking.
5 Use a spoon to remove the products from the bag.
For a steamed, succulent result, leave the window in place - if you prefer a grilled/roasted result, peel the film off after the bag has expanded.

...in the oven
Locks in flavour and retains moisture
Keeps your oven clean
Peel back window to add ingredients, stir and taste

...on the BBQ
Cook meat, fish and vegetables next to each other with no flavour transfer or cross contamination
Keeps your barbecue clean
Prepare food in advance giving you more time to make the most of the great weather

Safety Warning
The film (window) must not be exposed to heat greater than 230°C and so when cooking on a barbecue with a lid, ensure that the lid is left off. Always check that the product is piping hot before serving.

Take care and always use gloves to open the BacoFoil EasyCook Bag as the contents will be hot.
Do not use in a microwave oven.

For oven & barbecue

No mess, no fuss, make life easy!

Perfect in the oven!

Easy, healthy, convenient cooking - it's in the bag!

Bacofoil Easy Cook Foil Bags







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